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Photo Road Trip: #ThatPNWBus

Team SWAY is about to make its mark on #ThatPNWBus this August with a road trip to Palouse Falls State Park! Say, what? What, what!

Explore the famous PNW bus, 105-acre park and stunning falls outside of Washtucna, WA. We know it's hard to plan a getaway to an Instagram hot spot with awesome creatives, so we did what we do best and handled all of the details for you. This road trip will begin with the PNW bus, followed by an astrological-inspired night shoot showcasing the starry skies of Eastern Washington.

For those of you who normally work Fridays, we encourage you to YOLO and play hooky with us. Be a true weekend warrior and beat the traffic.

captured by #TeamSWAY photographer: @antmayphoto

captured by #TeamSWAY photographer: @antmayphoto

CREATIVES: We recommend photographers interested in landscapes, nature and night photography; models, bloggers or adventurers looking to expand their city shots beyond the pavement; and videographers wanting to produce an end-to-end road trip reel with a built-in travel story ark.  

Travel Itinerary

Team SWAY will meet up in Seattle (details provided in email confirmation) and carpool to the PNW bus. We will grab grub at a nearby diner/restaurant then set out to locate, hike and shoot the bus; after, we plan on scoping out a spot for night photography. Models or bloggers are welcome to pose inside and outside of bus - check out Instagram for inspiration. We recommend one dress and another more casual outfit for the shoot.


  • Headlamps 
  • Flashlights 
  • Shoes for walking over gravel and grass
  • Small pack for change of clothes
  • Snacks and water
  • Cash for pit stops
  • Props: sparklers, smoke, LED lights, glow sticks, prisms, reflectors
captured by #TeamSWAY photographer: @antmayphoto

captured by #TeamSWAY photographer: @antmayphoto

To participate, please complete the simple RSVP below; if you are already a #TeamSWAY member, GREAT! If you are not, you will automatically be added to #TeamSWAY after completing the RSVP. This free event will book up fast and space is limited. 

Name *
I would like to volunteer as a driver: *

*OPTIONAL: There are #TeamSWAY members who are staying the night at a nearby hotel in Othello, WA. If you want to stay the night and bunk with a fellow creative, you may book a reservation and join the group for a morning hike to Palouse Falls. Hotel accommodations are on your own and not part of Collective SWAY's meet. After a bit of rest and a morning cup of brew, the team will embark on an early excursion to Palouse Falls State Park - expect to wear casual hiking attire or jeans/shorts, sun hats, ball caps, etc. Models are welcome to bring a change of clothes in a small pack for shots at the waterfall. The team will head back to Seattle late-morning with enough time to rest and head to the @StreetMeetWA event.

Here's what you need to know before coming along:

  • The Collective SWAY meet includes a photo shoot at the bus and night shoot; staying overnight is optional; if you forgo the hotel portion, you will miss out on the morning trip to Palouse Falls
  •  If you wish to stay overnight, the rooms are roughly $120/night for two queen beds and we recommend sharing with a fellow creative to cut costs; feel free to use GroupMe app or Instagram DM to set-up hotel bookings
  • If you are not driving, consider bringing cash to assist with extra water, snacks or gas 
  • Collective SWAY is not responsible for your personal safety or belongings, including gear; nor are we responsible for the amount of photos or fun you get out of the excursion; SWAY at your own risk ;)
  • All of the rights to photos and video taken during the trip are reserved to their respective owners; Collective SWAY does not provide model or photographer release forms and recommend websites like this if you have questions