One Month Already!

Collective SWAY is celebrating one month already! Say, what? To celebrate, we brought along Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell - press play on our latest vlog below and be sure to check the bloopers. 

It's surreal to believe that our inaugural event in Seattle was already a month ago. It's true, we've been working on Collective SWAY for a few months, but it didn't feel official until we were in a room full of creatives who were connecting, collaborating and creating in real life. The energy from the event has stayed with us and has been a huge motivator in everything we do for #TeamSWAY. Including the upcoming events, meet-ups and workshops on the books for June and July!

In our first month, we've also launched our blog and YouTube channel; announced a foodie collab with Seattle Bites and Bramling Cross; began production on a new series highlighting amazing PNW creatives (teaser, but first video will drop this week!); and finally, we have a few PNW day hikes and helpful workshops in the works.

We're also close to 100 members, what?

Thank you to all who have joined #TeamSWAY, we look forward to creating amazing content with you soon. If you haven't signed up yet - join here and maybe you will be our hundreth member! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Crystal Southcote