Apartment Takeover

What happens when photographers, models, videographers, and bloggers take over an apartment house? Creative Magic.
A few months ago we invited #TeamSWAY to make themselves at home at Eleanor apartments. Over 25 amazing creatives came together for a few hours to connect, collaborate and create amazing content. 

Thank you, Eleanor apartments for partnering with Collective SWAY and opening your beautiful model apartments, your lobby, your decks, your fitness room, your courtyard and your community lounge to #TeamSWAY It was easy for our collective to find inspiration in such a beautiful space. 

We definitely had a blast. I know we can just say we had the best time, but it's so evident in the photos that have been rolling out from this one of a kind event. Once again #TeamSWAY you blow us away with your creative eyes, your passion to collaborate. The proof is in the content we create together. 

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Crystal Southcote