Foodies Meet!

Foodies: Bramling Cross

We love connecting with creatives, especially when it's over food. A few weeks ago we invited some of local foodies to a Chicken and Beer party that we co-hosted with Seattle Bites at Bramling Cross

Yes, chicken and beer! And boy, was it a party. 

Bramling Cross is a cozy Ballard restaurant that knows how to put on an event. They specifically have a long table across from the kitchen that is used for all kinds of events, and it definitely worked for our foodies. We needed enough space to move around and take photos - you know how we work, all the photos *then* we eat. 

But what we love about Bramling Cross is the menu. We love to provide #TeamSWAY with unique experiences and their Beer-themed dinners are definitely unique and delicious. We could go into detail,  but we will let the video do the talking. In the meantime, check them out for daily Happy Hour, private dinners and events, or just hang with friends in Ballard. 





Crystal Southcote