Pool Shoot 😎


What happens when you give 30 creatives 2 hours to connect, collaborate and create content together at a pool? EPICNESS. 

We don't like to pick event favorites, but this has a special place in our hearts. First of all, it took us forever to find a venue. Second of all, it was our first go big or go home event. 

You may think that a lot of our creatives know each other, some of them know each other from Instagram, but most have never instamet or met in real life. You would think that would make our events a little awkward, for the first 15 minutes but after that, it's all about collaborating. It's one of favorite things to see happen, the connection that quickly turns into collaboration.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle, but it was an unreal golden hour at Coleman Pool. The 2 hours went too fast, but that was still enough time for #TeamSWAY to make some incredible images. 

Crystal Southcote